Tweed Magazine was a music and politics zine founded by angsty teenagers in 1997. It survived in one form or another until 2007. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here are some of our most popular articles.

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Brooklyn NY

  • 3:49:53 am
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  • 20 July 2024

Connecticut Post

Our hometown paper interviewed us over some tasty burritos and guacamole.


[Tweed, Issues 9-11] For me, as far as politics are concerned, there are two major methods of persuasion:

Hectic World Magazine

[Tweed, Issue #10] Tweed is a very cool political themed zine from Fairfield, Connecticut.

Beanz Baxter, Issue 8

[Tweed, Issue #9] This has a color cover and really neat layouts. That's cool.

Rich Mackin

The guys that do this zine are ANGRY! I have seen this anger before, in punk and socialist zines that spell America with 3 k's and mention "Pigs" every few sentences. These guys are above that.
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