Tweed Magazine was a music and politics zine founded by angsty teenagers in 1997. It survived in one form or another until 2007. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here are some of our most popular articles.

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  • 1:31:37 am
  • Sunday
  • 26 March 2023

Issue #13 (Pre-Order)

This is faith. We make no promises about if or when this issue will come out. Fun gamble, no?

Let’s be clear here, there’s no guarantee a print copy of Issue 13 will ever be produced. By making this purchase you’re betting that it will eventually materialize. Good for you. If the uncertain status of Issue 13 changes you’ll see it reflected here. In the meantime we continue to deliver free content via our website.
Issue 13 is slated to contain a compilation of interviews by acts such as Grandaddy, Mates of State, Metric, Bella Lea, Denali, Q and Not U, The Perishers, Matt Pond PA, and more. Thanks in advance for helping us pay for hosting and interview equipment.

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