Tweed Magazine was a music and politics zine founded by angsty teenagers in 1997. It survived in one form or another until 2007. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here are some of our most popular articles.

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Regina Spektor: Soviet Kitsch

Regina rocked New York’s Bowery Ballroom for over two hours last March while supporting her record Soviet Kitsch. In between TV spots and overseas junkets she had some things to say to Tweed.

Denali’s Maura Davis Explains

Maura writes to Tweed from the road and explains Denali’s influences, the changing lineup, and her feelings on gay marriage.

Metric’s Emily Haines Sings Political

During some down time in Williamsburg, Emily Haines and James Shaw of Metric stopped for drinks with Tweed at Vera Cruz.

Canadian Duo, Tegan and Sara

In the midst of an exceedingly busy tour schedule, Tegan of Tegan and Sara breaks it down for Tweed.

Bright Eyes live in Times Square

Friction at the door didn’t stop Tweed from rocking out to Conor Oberst and his “solo” outfit Bright Eyes.

Saddle Creek’s Robb Nansel

Knee deep in emails and office clutter, Robb Nansel took a moment from running Saddle Creek Records to answer some questions for Tweed.

Mike Kinsella is Owen

Mike Kinsella, creator and brainchild of Polyvinyl-band Owen, talks about his creation, his influences and his lyrical focus on teeth.

Edie Sedgwick lives!

Justin Moyer (of SuperSystem, formerly El Guapo) resurrects Andy Warhol’s affluent sidekick to sing songs about celebrities.

Q And Not U’s Christopher Richards Speaks Politics

After some mutual admiration, Christopher answered questions about the band’s beginnings, its disappeared member, DC gentrification, and other hairy politics.

Bella Lea: beyond Denali

Three from Denali’s latter lineup add a fourth and begin a venue-packing tour that will take them across the United States. All without releasing a record.

Krist Novoselic discusses “Grunge and Government”

Krist talks about his new book.

Pandora: Opening a Better Box

Tim Westergren and Pandora open up new worlds of music to countless internet surfers every day.

Denali’s Cam Responds

Shortly after Maura’s post, Cam Di Nunzio got back to us with his own take on Denali, growing up, and the presidential election.

Q and Not U, 2005

After a hectic year of touring and recording, Chris Richards of Q and Not U takes a break to reflect on 2004 as well as look to the future—of the band and of our country.

First Aid Kit Interview

FAK have just completed their new record Frights and Shivers, due out July 27th on Said Sew Recordings with a release show that night at the VFW Hall on 904 Bank Street in Waterbury CT.

Mates of State Interview

Jason and Kori played a highly energetic [amazing] set at the free all-day Fairfield University show on September 6th.

Mates of State Kick it Live

Before rockin’ a sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom, Kori Gardner of Mates of State gave Tweed the skinny on 2004 and what to expect from 2005.

Tegan and Sara at the Bowery

After overcoming some minor hurdles, Tweed was able to catch the Tegan and Sara show at the Bowery Wednesday eve for some good fun and even better music.

Greenzine’s Cristy Road

Cristy spouts on feminism, Cuba, the Bush administration, and her long running publication Greenzine.

Karate: Back at it. Still at it.

John Paul Chirdon of Said Sew Recordings sat down with the band Karate at the infamous Bar in New Haven CT.

Wrong Side of 7am

Saturday Looks Good To Me interviews with Tweed and closes the night at the Northsix.

The Return of Rainer Maria

Shortly before their performance at the Northsix, Caithlin, William and Kyle of Rainer Maria sat down with Tweed to discuss their new album.

386DX Live in New York

The Intel-based recycled rock spectacle Alexei Shulgin, AKA 386DX, performed live last night at Location One in New York City.

Friends For Heroes Interview

Friends for Heroes duo Brendan Bosworth and Josh Ottum recently sent us their soft electro-pop debut Years in a Costume and we prompty requested an interview.

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