Tweed Magazine was a music and politics zine founded by angsty teenagers in 1997. It survived in one form or another until 2007. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here are some of our most popular articles.

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  • 2:25:37 am
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  • 20 July 2024

Tweed Status Update

Issue 10 is slowly being pieced together. Target release is now early January.

This will be our biggest issue since #7! If you’re thinking of submitting an article, poetry, drawings, or advertisements please do so before December 20, 2000. Email submissions to FYI, John lennon was shot 20 years ago today.<BR><BR>

A lot of minor improvements have been made on the website. The LINKS section and internet time converter have been fine-tuned and facelifted. Now you can read what other people think of Tweed in the zine FAQs’ REVIEWS OF TWEED section. And don’t forget about our old news archive. There will be more updates as issue 10 approaches.

Stewart Smith
Friday, 08 December 2000

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