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  • 1:03:36 pm
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  • 25 May 2024

Tweed Mutations

New website underway, new interviews, printing apologies, more contributors, and a peek at 2005.

The election, although predictable, knocked the wind out of a lot of Blue State voters. Tweed felt the impact first hand in New York City—The US city most directly affected by terrorism—A city that overwhelmingly voted to oust Bush. But don’t let the lull in website activity fool you. We’ve conducted some great interviews and are gearing up for more. Coming very soon to the website are discussions with Polyvinyl’s Saturday Looks Good To Me and a very special dialogue between Said Sew Recording’s John Paul Chirdon and Karate. We’re expecting to have a Ben Folds email interview soon. We have our fingers crossed for a sit-down with Conor Oberst—and we’re super excited to be setting up an interview with rising political star and former Nirvana founder Krist Novoselic. And we’ve got lots more up our sleeves.

In addition to the interviews we have upcoming projects like “Homeless Handbags” and other DIY community improvement activities. If you’re a band/artist/company that would like to help sponsor a community activity drop us a line by using our contact info. We’re always happy to engineer productive collaborations. We also do advertisement exchanges and other trades.

You may notice the website is a little different. This is a transitional phase. In early 2005 the website will be entirely reworked to accommodate regular monthly updates, or “web issues” rather than sporadic additions. This will be handy for the frustrated among you who’d like to know when to check for new articles and when to go outside into the fresh air instead of reloading old web pages. We’ll also include an RSS feed for those of you who are super nerd savvy. So please bear with us in the interim as bits and pieces are updated.

Lastly we’ve been sending out “apology gifts” for those who’ve sent tear-stained emails asking for their pre-ordered Issue 13. The deal is we have the growing pains of a rising independent publication. We’re self-funded and that often results in printing delays. We’re working with a great printer in Canada and as soon as we raise enough money we’ll be able to put out the interview issue in full. If you ordered #13 before today send us a reminder email and we’ll throw whatever little fun tidbits we have laying around into an envelope and post it your way. We whole-heartedly apologize for the fudged deadline, but such is the plight of young indy publishers.

Many thanks to our wonderful new staff writer and old friend Tim Rogan. He’s been instrumental in our recent interviews and has made further growth of the magazine possible. Everything about Tweed is looking up for 2005. So stick around.

Stewart Smith
Monday, 29 November 2004

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