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  • 3:54:47 am
  • Wednesday
  • 21 February 2024

Summer 2001

Wow, it’s been a while eh? I have been swamped with work: A new encryption algorithm, new websites, new job, new bands, mo money mo problems.

The new issue is in the works and it will blow your mind. And yes, yet again i’m thinking about overhauling this website. As soon as the new issue 11 comes out, we’ll post the issue 10 PDF online so you chicks & dudes can get a free back-reading. What i’m wondering right now is - how come we get all these hits on our website, but i don’t get any email from vistors??? START EMAILING!!! Also, if you want the official rules and regs to SHAT! check out<BR><BR>

Also check out Abigail Smith and her two free songs at

Stewart Smith
Saturday, 30 June 2001

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