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  • 21 February 2024

Radiohead Rejection

In a manor ever so polite, Radiohead’s management team lets us down gently via email on our request to interview the band.

Subject:   Re: Radiohead Interview
Date:   May 4, 2004 8:00:23 AM EDT

Dear Stewart

Thank you for your email requesting interview with Radiohead. This year the band have decided to take some time out to concentrate on their own personal projects/family life. That means that we as their managers are having to be very strict about any requests or offers that come through to us for them. Unfortunately therefore we will have to turn down your interview request.

Kind Regards


On 14/4/04 3:31 pm, “Stewart” wrote:

Bryce + Brian/

Hello. My name is Stewart. I’d like to interview Radiohead for Tweed Magazine. We like to talk with bands and artists about politics and social issues. If it’s impossible to meet with the band in New York city in the near future, we’d be happy to interview over the phone or even through email. Tweed’s website is up at You can email me back at this address or Thanks :)


Stewart Smith
Wednesday, 05 May 2004

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