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Mates of State Interview

Jason and Kori played a highly energetic [amazing] set at the free all-day Fairfield University show on September 6th.

They played a mix of tunes, the majority coming from their brand new “Team Boo” record. The Mates agreed to tag-team this short interview through email. Turns out they share a nation’s growing disdain for our Fuhrer, Mr. Bush.

Kori’s grandmother was at the Fairfield U show. How have both of your families reacted to your success? Do they realize you’re, like, cool?

You’re never cool to your family. They know the truths. But, they are supportive in many ways.

Everyone describes your music as happy, but there seems to be a darker shade underneath the surface of some songs, especially on Team Boo. Do you find that to be true?

We’re not always happy. I think it comes off that way, because it’s mostly upbeat with high inflection in the singing. We only write about what we know. We know more than happiness.

What’s your reaction to being labeled a happy wholesome upbeat band? [I know you’ve humorously tried to defy this image by mentioning the purchase of some pornographic DVDs!]

It’s somewhat a drag but mostly fine. Rock and roll isn’t supposed to be wholesome. It’s the whole marriage thing. As soon as you get married, people think you’re normal. Believe me, we’re not normal.

While you were on tour with other Polyvinyl bands earlier this year, Rainer Maria and others made negative comments about the war in Iraq. How do you two feel about Bush’s actions? Does the political climate ever play into the mood of your music?

Bush is a joke. He must be stopped. We need to oust him immediately. We didn’t vote him in, and it seems we can’t get him out. It’s a sad state for our country. This does play into our music.

To get more dirt on MOS jump to The Polyvinyl Records site is also worth checking out.

Stewart Smith
Wednesday, 17 September 2003

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