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  • 25 May 2024

M-20 Iraq War Protest on Saturday

This article on the M-20 Iraq War Protest comes from Independent Media Center. Tweed will join fellow protesters in the streets of New York City.

The upcoming “Global Day of Action against War and Occupation” on March 20, is the one-year anniversary of the U.S. bombing and invasion of Iraq. Organizers say that “people on every continent will take to the streets to say YES to peace and NO to pre-emptive war and occupation.” Groups are calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq and the Bush regime’s belligerent foreign policies in places like Haiti, Palestine, and Venezuela. They note that M-20 will be the first time the world’s ‘other superpower’, as The New York Times described [popular protest], will take center stage since February 15, when more than 15 million people across the globe expressed their opposition to Bush’s looming war on Iraq.” The action has been endorsed by the Global Assembly of the Anti-War Movement, the World Social Forum, and the 3rd Hemispheric Forum Against the FTAA. <BR><BR>

As damning evidence concerning lies and the manipulation of intelligence by the Bush regime continues to surface since the invasion of Iraq, both U.S. citizens and the international community are turning up the heat on Washington, Tony Blair’s government in the UK and John Howard’s administration in Australia. Talk of Whitehouse war crimes is increasing. Possible al Qaeda-led attacks on trains in Spain have resulted in the pro-Bush Aznar government being voted out of office. Italian people are opposing Berlusconi’s support of the war as well.

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Independent Media Center
Thursday, 18 March 2004

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