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Denali’s Maura Davis Explains

Maura writes to Tweed from the road and explains Denali’s influences, the changing lineup, and her feelings on gay marriage.

Tweed caught Denali’s show at the Northsix in Brooklyn last month with +/-. Cam said the band would do an interview, but in the end it all came down to Maura solo. [Though we would still love to hear from Cam and new members Ryan and Steven.]

TWEED: Can you describe the founding of Denali? Where are you all from/previous bands/ages?

MAURA: I had been writing songs in highschool. I got Keeley to listen to them and he was interested on pursuing something with it. Jonathan and Cam joined the band and then came Denali. As of the present we have two new members replacing Jonathan and Keeley. Steven and Ryan are from Chicago. Me and Cam are from Richmond. I am 23 and rest of the guys are 28.

TWEED: What was it like growing up in your hometown? What about the experience pushed you toward music?

MAURA: I grew up in a musical family. We had a room full of instruments where we could jam with our friends. So basically I had music at my finger tips.

TWEED: What are Denali’s influences? What are your favorite bands, past and present?

MAURA: I am influenced by Björk, Jeff Buckley, Ella Fitzgerald, Radiohead, etc. Every one in the band has similar taste in music. But we love all kinds, well except elevator music.

TWEED: Was it intimidating working with your brother?

MAURA: Yes and No. I was intimidated by his talent in music but he made me feel so at ease that it was bearable.

TWEED: How do you go about writing songs? Is it primarily a group effort?

MAURA: I write all the lyrics mostly about my dramatic experiences that actually weren’t so dramatic now that I think about it.

TWEED: Do your lyrics ever reflect political beliefs?

MAURA: No. I’m not really into that type of thing. I am selfish and like write about myself.

TWEED: Speaking of politics, does the coming national election make you nervous?

MAURA: I am nervous everyday.

TWEED: What’s your take on the issue of gay marriage?

MAURA: I don’t think there should be any question about it. If you’re in love then it shouldn’t matter what the gender is.

TWEED: How has the band’s chemistry changed with the new line up? Does it feel like you’ve lost or gained something in the transition?

MAURA: It has definitely changed. Of course I miss my brother and miss playing shows with him, but in the end their decision worked out. Ryan and Steven are amazing dudes, fun to tour with, great musicians, and they rarely piss me off.

TWEED: Do you fear being marketed to the masses as a band with a sex object lead singer?

MAURA: That’s not what I want Denali to be known for. I hope it’s the music that attracts people to us.

TWEED: Are any of you currently involved in side projects?


TWEED: Where is Denali heading musically and what’s your goal as a band?

MAURA: I have no idea. We are just trying to get through this mass of touring and live to tell.

Stewart Smith
Monday, 22 March 2004

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